Our Fleet

The Midnight Express fleet consists of various types of city delivery, over the road and expedite equipment. Our flexibility enables us to facilitate the matching of vehicle with freight requirements and customer needs.


Cargo Vans

Primarily used for local deliveries our cargo vans can fit into locations where bigger trucks wont. Perfect for deliveries into downtown Toronto.


Straight Trucks

We have an assortment of different sized straight trucks from 24 to 28 feet. Many of our straight trucks are outfitted with lift-gates for ease of loading/unloading.


Flatbed Trucks

Ideal for oversize and/or freight that needs to be side loaded. Perfect for construction materials and large manufacturing equipment. Our flatbeds are available with tarps and straps so your load arrives dry and secure.


Dry Vans

All of our trailers are properly maintained and inspected regularly. In addition to being large and versatile, they are equipped with logistics bars and straps to ensure your freight is delivered safely and undamaged.



If you need the flexibility of a flat bed and the protection of a dry van choose our roll-tite trailers. It is a flat deck trailer equipped with an accordion style rolling tarp system that allows for better protection of a load.

Air Ride

Air ride trucks are equipped with air suspension. This helps ensure that your cargo is transported as safely as possible by minimizing any major shocks or excessive bumps that can potentially damage your fragile freight


Lift Gate

No loading dock? No problem. Our lift gate trucks give us the availability to deliver to a wide range of locations including those where a forklift or loading dock is not present.

What you can expect with our Fleet


Safety & Maintenance

New Equipment


Whether you need a small parcel delivered around the corner or an expedited trailer load across the continent, Midnight Express has the tools to get the job done.

There is no job too big or too small, one call delivers it all!

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